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A brief history of WHOZIC

Serving music with no strings attached

WHOZIC, its human network and this application you can see in front of you have been developed using the founders’ personal resources and ingenuity.
We made use of our know-how, our personal networks, our spare time, of time taken away from our families, friends, leisure, sleep.

In front of is a real product used for the benefit of an international network. Now is the time to grow beyond these foundations.
WHOZIC will never be a Über(®) for musicians, what would have been unavoidable had we gone down the venture-capital path. Being ourselves musicians we choose music over profit: musicians first.

Teaming with all of you we’re going to federate the musical ecosystem. One way for you to be part of it is to fund our effort.

There is no such thing as too small a contribution. Heartful thanks in advance!

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What will your donations be used for ?

As of today, WHOZIC is an independent social-network tool serving a growing, borders-free, musical community.

We’re about to make this tool more intelligent in order to detect artistic and commercial opportunities between members and provoke fruitful encounters. So far you had to search the network. Soon this tool will be working for you.

Other existing collaborative tools (e.g. rehearsals management) will be enhanced. They will help fulfill your artistic projects.

Las but not least, we will continue our relentless contacting and meeting musicians, luthiers, tuners… Through this effort the community will keep growing in size and diversity.

Beyond these short-term plans, your suggestions are as welcome as your financial contributions :-)

Compensations for your donation…