How do I communicate with other musicians ?

There are many communication channels, most of them revolving around groups (dicussions) and contacts.
For individual, one to one commubnication, you want to use the inmail.
Your correspondent will be notified by email that a message is awaiting their reading. Your messages will be easy to navigate, sorted by correspondent and subject, like discussions.

Oh, and by the way, you can browse all the profiles and find people you already know or would like to communicate with.

How do I publish an event ?

You wish to advertise your upcoming concerts ot the singing master-class you are organizing, etc.
Events are often tied to a group. This group will usually represent an ensemble or an organization. You may prefer a lightweight option and create a personal event ; it is also possible.

  1. If you haven’t created your group yet create this group that will control your events.
  2. On the group’s page (list of your groups, if needed) select the Events tab.
  3. Click on the “New event” button, all you have to do now is to define your event.

You may describe your event in several languages (those defined in your own profile) and you may spice up the text with pictures and videos as described in the help section on the right of the form.
In any case don’t worry. You will always be able to update your event after it is published.

How do I publish an article ?

From you home page, click on “My articles (blog)”/my/articles in the My contents section. Click on the “New article”/my/articles/new button then start typing in your text.
You may illustrate your article with links, pictures or videos as described in the help section on the right of the form.

How do I advertize my professional services or my music shop ?

WHOZIC.COM provides a natural and targeted channel for reaching musicians.
Start by creating a service. Fill in all the data that will make it easy for your future client to find out about you.
Once your service (or multiple services) is all set up, give it an even stronger impact by publishing adverts that will get targeted at your most likely clients.

How do I build a community around my commercial activity ?

A service is best suited to represent your music-related commercial activity. To take advantage of the evolving consumer habits towards Web 2.0, community-based behaviors you need to attach a group to your service.
There are two ways yan can do this:

  • Create a group from your service (one click default group creation)
  • Attach an existing group of which you are an administrator to your service (just select it in a list of available groups)

In both cases go to your service’s update page.

How (and why) register your addresses ?

WHOZIC.COM takes into account the fact that you will be moving around. While you are staying most of the time at your main address, you will want to keep in touch with the musical community wherever you are.
Go to My addresses and add an address