Dear Whozic users,

The latest version of tempso is now online! (

Tempso is the best streaming platform for classical music. The catalogue is sorted by composers, works and recordings, which makes comparison super easy.

In addition, we integrate Spotify and Deezer, so you actually don’t have to pay for another streaming service.

Our goal at tempso is to offer the best streaming service for classical music. In other words, we want to make classical music as accessible and easy to enjoy as any other style of music.

Let’s take a look at our features:

The discovery platform — A page with never-ending listening suggestions, tailored to your taste. Ever ask yourself : “What classical music piece should I listen to today?”. We have that covered for you.

Recommendations, everywhere — Many of our beta users have asked us how to find the most popular works or recordings of a specific composer or performer. So we have integrated recommended recordings on all of our pages to help you do just that. For instance — you want to listen to Schumann but you’re not super familiar with his music? Easy peasy: visit Schumann’s page and listen to our selection of his most popular works. And you can do the same for any specific composer or performer. Sit back and enjoy!

More recordings — The Tempso library includes over 10,000 recordings. And that’s just the beginning. Our lifelong mission is for all recordings of every classical music piece ever written to be made available via our platform. Yep, that’s a pretty huge undertaking.

What’s next ? — Well, we have a lot of new features in the works. But most importantly, what’s next is content. Content to help all of you discover more classical music, whether you’re a casual curious listener or already an expert.

Stay tuned!