Mon parcours musical

“Making music gives me a connection with my heart and soul. Music is pure joy.”

Do you have a music school and want to figure out how to Grow from a Solo Operation to a Music School with Teachers that work for you and help you?

Do you want to be taken more seriously by your students or your student’s parents?

Do you want the secret to finding and keeping reliable teachers?

Well, you are in the right place. Over the last 30 years, I’ve built up my music school from the ground up and worked with thousands of students. I currently have 25 teachers working for me in my music school and I’ve experienced first hand the ups and downs of the music school business.

Over the years, I’ve been asked countless times about how I have done it, so I decided to put my secrets in my latest book, “Secrets of a Profitable Music School”.

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As a young teacher I saw many people wanting to make music but being frustrated getting started and ultimately giving up their dream. I have dedicated many years to creating a simple way to learn to make music and showing others how to teach in this way.

It would be a great privilege to show you how simple it can be to learn to make music and to help you on your musical journey.

It is also a privilege to assist other teachers and educators to achieve their goals of making their Music School a Success.

Wendy’s Music School and my Music School Success programs were born from my desire to enable everyone to experience the pure joy that making music can bring to their life. Music can change lives.

Specialties: Developing music programs, music education author, Music Teacher Trainer, Music examiner, Music Adjudicator, Speaker, Music School Franchise, Business start up and development.

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