Mon parcours musical

I have been playing the flute for over 30 years, but I would rather say that I have been fortunate enough to explore the amazingly beautiful and powerful world of sound during this time. People often ask me if I play other instruments, and I then smile and explain that the flute alone can hardly be explored in one lifetime.

Flutes can be found in many cultures throughout time. It is one of the most ancient instruments in the world – the first flute was discovered dating back to the stone ages. I play the Baroque flute, also called the traverso, which is a wooden one-keyed flute from the 18th century.  I also play the modern flute, which is most familiar to many.

I play all styles of music from classical, romantic, modern, jazz, rock, folk, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Scottish, Irish and free improvisation. For me, the flute is first and foremost “sound”. It is the only instrument where the mouth piece is the extension of the player’s body. Sound is created by splitting the air stream over the sharp edge of a hole in the head joint of the instrument. “Sound” is characterized by the player’s shape of lips, mouth, throat, physical strength and personal temperament thus producing the most individual colour possible. Sound can be manipulated at any given split second by using the tip of our lips.

My interests in the world of sound have led me to work with many artists, including ones outside the field of music. No matter whether one is an actor, dancer, painter or architect, we are all shaping “messages” in space – we each have something to say. The combination of music with any other field/s leads to a fresh type of communication that in my view can further reach an audience in today’s over stimulated world.

I have worked on many interesting projects such as a fashion show with live music for flute and harp that changed according to the clothing; a similar project including photos in a slide show with live flute and guitar music; improvising on paintings in an exhibition by artist Yaacov Agam; and many unique and intimate settings for memorial ceremonies and family gatherings.