Mon parcours musical

Steven W. Seeds, born in Vicenza, Italy and known simply as Steve to his family, friends and fans, is an American Pianist who has a lot to be excited about. He just celebrated 35 years with his best friend, his wife Gail. Steve will soon be celebrating his 45 year mark of playing the piano.

Steve is not only an accomplished instrumentalist, he is a composer and arranger as well. Steve has performed for dignitaries and celebrities across the nation. But at the heart of Steve is that of a consummate musician, and his music clearly reflects as much.

If you ask Steve what inspires him the most when composing or arranging a new selection, don’t be surprised if he tells you the love of his wife. Steve has composed more than just a few songs, such as “You Complete Me” and “Gail’s Theme” that were written in tribute to the love for his wife, Gail.

Steve and Gail met in 1982 and instantly fell in love. They were married on January of 1986. Together they have three children, a grandson and two granddaughters.

Musical Influences

Steve’s music has been influenced by many great musicians from a vast array of genres. When asked what first got him interested in the piano, he stated “I remember listening to recordings of Floyd Cramer and to how simplistically beautiful they were.”

Over the years, Steve has been fortunate to become acquainted with a number of professional musicians which he attributes much of his style as having been influenced by these musical greats.