Mon parcours musical

Notes for the Samuel Quinto

The young Brasilian pianist, Samuel Quinto has been away from Brasil for too long. Making his home in Portugal for several years does not mean that he was lying low. Of course he was making music – always of a brilliant kind. First there was Latin Jazz Thrill in 2007 and then came Salsa N Jazz in 2009. Now there are these beautifully balanced solo piano pieces on Latin Jazz Piano Solo, recorded at Teatro Gazeta in São Paulo, Brasil and framed in this moodily photographed DVD. And I am grateful and honored that he has asked that I write a few words of introduction to this project, which, I believe is a first from this sublimely talented pianist.

It would be hard to imagine them played more lovingly or more stylishly, with links to every piano maestro that came before him. But this should not be taken as a comment to suggest that there is no value in the rest of the programme. On the contrary Samuel Quinto’s playing throughout the eight pieces on this DVD is warmly affectionate and quite brilliant throughout. In fact I would go so far as to posit that it has taken a lot to shine in a country blessed by so many guitarists and that this young Brasilian pianist has a lot more to offer in the near future. Meanwhile welcome to the solo world of Samuel Quinto…

Raul da Gama


Author: The Unfinished Score: The Collected Works of Charles Mingus