Mon parcours musical

Natalia Troshina was born in Belarus. Graduated from the Tallinn State Conservatory (present, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), major in piano (Professor Helo Sepp) and vocals (Associate Professor Tiyu Loewald).

During the studies in the Conservatory Natalia has started a solo vocal concert activity.

Her repertoire consists of opera arias, medieval music, Russian romances, etc.

N. Troshina adopts the best traditions of Russian and foreign performance. Her idols since childhood are Efron Lemeshev and Nadezhda Obukhova.

Her singing is distinguished by a deep feeling of the generated image, a unique tone of voice, intelligence and musicality and keen sense of the phrase.

Natalia Troshina is well-known to the western audience. Her concerts in Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany arouse a huge public interest and were held with constant success.

In 2010, singer has additionally graduated from the Magistracy of the Estonian Academy of Music (class of Professor Mati Palm) and received a Master of Arts degree.