My musical biography

He was born on October 14, 1987, in the family of professional musicians in Moldova (the former USSR). His parents had just graduated from the State conservatoire named after G. Musicescu in Kishinev in Moldova. Soon the family moved to Ukraine, to the town of Dolyna Ivano – Frankivsk region, where his parents were invited to teach: mother playing the bayan and father – the dulcimer. Mykhaylo began to learn playing the dulcimer at the age of two .When he was three, he was admitted to the music school in Dolyna to the class of his father I. Zakhariia . There he also began playing the violin, piano and flute – master. He had his first public concert in the concert hall of Dolyna at the age of four. Being only five years old, he took the first place in the Ukrainian competition and became the soloist of the orchestra “Gerdan” / music school in Dolyna/. At the age of ten Mykhaylo had solo concerts throughout Ukraine and the first record on the radio (Kyiv), received the award from the President, and in a year – from the Ministry for skilful merit.

At the Sixth World Scientific cimbalom Congress after a successful performance, he was invited by the President of the Cimbalom World Association Viktoria Herencsar to her master – class. He became a student of the Conservatory of J. L. Bella in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), and at the age of fourteen he was accepted to the Cimbalom World Association .Simultaneously Mykhaylo finished the evening secondary school in Dolyna, in 2004 he entered the Carpathian National University named after V. Stefanik in Ivano – Frankivsk, and in four years – to Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica. The Ministry of Culture of China invited Mykhaylo to give lectures on European cimbalom music in different universities of Peking. At that he participated in recording for Chinese TV. The artist of twenty received the award of Mayor of Banska Bystrica (Slovak Republic) for the successful presentation of the Banska Bystrica region and diploma for his outstanding contribution to promoting and preserving Ukrainian culture and folk traditions (Ukraine). For outstanding special contribution and presentation he was named “Honorary Citizen of Dolyna”. In that year Mykhaylo was introduced to personal encyclopedia “Who’s Who” of the Slovak Republic (biographies of well – known personalities). In 2009 he successfully completed training in the Carpathian National University named after V. Stefanik, and in a year married the Slovak pianist Dana Demeova. Long performance collaboration with his wife results in a significant number of public concerts and recordings on the radio.


Mykhaylo Zakhariya received great awards at international, national and regional competitions. At the age of 6 he became laureate at the 4 th International Hutsul festival and since starting his success. In 1996 – the first prize at national contest “New Names of Ukraine”, which he confirmed after a year. In 1997 – an absolute winner of competition among students performing music and art schools. 1998 brought him the first prize in the regional contest of stringed folk instruments in Ivano – Frankivsk and the Diploma of the governor of Ivano – Frankivsk region for concert activity and success in competitions. In 1999 Mykhaylo as a soloist of orchestra “Gerdan” received the first prize at the IX International Hutsul Festival, and the first prize in the competition "Near the Black Sea“, which was confirmed with the same success in a year. And 2000 brings a rich harvest of diplomas, won the festival “Kobzar Strings”, Mykhaylo became an absolute winner among students of music schools (this victory he was able to repeat twice more). In 2001, gaining the second place in the international competition euro Carpathian region “silver bell” in Uzhorod and the Jury Prize for best performance of virtuoso music. Three years later he won the international competition “Eugena Cocu" in Moldova, next year he was the third. Further enriching the collection of awards comes from the Czech Republic after the international cimbalom competition in Valasske Mezirici (2005 and 2007 – first place). In Belarus

in the international competition I. Zinovicha he was awarded a special jury prize.

In March 2012, participating in international competition "Concorso Internazionale

4 Esecuzione Musicale di Giovanni Musicista – Citta di Treviso in Italy.

In the solo category receives the first prize and gold medal in the category of chamber

music obtained in a duo with his wife, pianist Dana Zakhariya also the first prize,

gold medal and the title of absolute winner. In 2012 and 2013 the Slovak Radio selected him and some other young musicians to enter an international competition New Talent.

Pedagogical activities

He functioned as a cimbalom pedagogist at the Conservatory in Zilina as well as at two elementary schools of arts, namely: The Private Folk and Dance School in Ruzomberok and Elementary School of Arts in Turcianske Teplice. Momentarily, his constant place of work has been the Exnarova Conservatory in Kosice.

Concert activity

Concerts were concentrated in many countries, except Ukraine (solo performance with the American pianist Michael Dalinger at the invitation of professor of the Academy of Music of Tchaikovsky Olga Lysenko) and Slovakia (Studio 21, cimbalom concert on Slovak radio, cimbalom concert of Academy of Arts in BB – School for Young, Devin radio musicale), listeners can hear him in Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Kazakhstan, China, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Poland (8 th International Festival of Young Laureates of Music Competitions in Katovice, 18 International Festival of Chamber and Organ Music in Wygielzow – Lipowiec, 20 International Festival of Contemporary Music in Krakov, (an invitation to record radio broadcasts). In Budapest, in addition to numerous solo concerts (the anniversary of the Hungarian cimbalist Aladar Racz, cymbalom international concert in the Czech and Slovak institutions), he also played running conductor and pianist Tamas Vasary with Youth Symphony Orchestra Kodaly – Bartok. With this orchestra he has performed as soloist in Slovakia and in the Grand ’Place – Grote Markt in Brussels. Collaborated as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra Conservatory J. L. Bellu (International Festival in Greece), with 55 – member Orchestra, “Zlate husle” and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Debrecen (Hungary). 3 years worked at the Military folklore ensemble "Janosik"​​. In addition to hosting the orchestra “Gerdan” we hear it constantly in “Brilliant orchestra” of Milan Olšiak. In september 2013 he joined the Diabolic violin orchestra led by Ján Berky Mrenica jr. to become its regular member. He recorded two CDs with this group.

During the summer season 2013, he has started to function in a unique and an original cimbalom music formation, the Silvays, with whom he recorded an exceptional and atypical CD. The secret of their success consists of the conjunction of the traditional and modern components. They´ve created the innovative “cimbalom sound”, which until now was unknown and which consists of the use of the acoustic folk instruments and the modern musical styles. Their ingenuity in finding new sounds and atypical playing styles knows no boundaries.

As a soloist he participated in four World cimbalom Congresses in four different countries. (6 th Congress – Lviv, Ukraine, 7 th Congress – Appenzell, Switzerland, 8 th Congress – Beijing, China, 9 th Congress – Oberammergau, Germany, 11 th Congress – Budapest, Hungary).

In 2012 he performed at the concert double bass club with an excellent slovak double – bass player Jan Krigovsky, they premiered a song by the Spanish artist. He was invited with his wife Dana to perform in festival 35. Dni Muzyki Karola Szymanowskiego in Zakopane, Poland. In september he had a tour with holand choir M. Lysenka in Ukrainian cities (Dolyna, Vinnycia, Čerkasy, Kryvyj Rih, Doneck). In october Mykhaylo and Dana played concert in Treviso, Italy. In the end of the year he was invaitid by Central Conservatory of music in Beijing to have a masterclass, cocerts and to teach chines students to play cimbalom.

In February 2013 he performed with his wife benefit concert at townhall in BB for Rotary club. He performed at an international concert organized to celebrate the sixth annual set of the cimbalom courses, “Summer Music Making”, in Liptovsky Mikulas. In this month was activited new webside In this year he and his wife performed at the festival Music night in Banská Bystrica (SR). In cooperation with OĽUN ( Slovak Radio folk instruments orchestra ) he performed at the International musical festival Terchova. He represented The Slovak republic at 9th international musical festival Sharq Taronalari in Samarqand , Uzbekistan.

In September 2014, a concert tour went to Queretaro and Jalpan, cities in Mexico, for the sixth international festival Que Viva El Salterio. Mykhaylo presented a solo program at his recital there and prepared an educational concert for children. A concert of chamber music and jazz music was heard and Mykhaylo successfully collaborated with the philharmonic orchestra of Queretaro city as well, with whom he played a concert, Ukrainian composer Anatoly Haidenko´s rhapsody, Ciganiada.

Regularly recordings of his concerts and interviews are broadcasted on Ukrainian radio, his name often appears on the pages of the press in the media. Many poets have dedicated poems to him (Nadiya Dychka, Vasul Oliynuk), his name is in the encyclopedia of Dolyna. Today, he interpreted the formations of more than 170 different composers of all stylistic periods and is constantly expanding his repertoire. He also enjoys folk music – Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Romanian folklore. He played with many folk bands and has recorded eight CDs of folk music. In 2011 he published his own 2 CD