Mon parcours musical

Due to the success and media repercussions of his performances he is always invited to play in different classical music events and classical music, Word Música, Cuban jazz and Cuban popular music festivals

The amazing concerts from maestro Luis Lugo, known as “Piano of Cuba” by specialist from several parts of the world media, are integrated with a powerful multimedia. At the same time, it includes the exceptional talents of various soloists, singers and charismatic artists.

In various parts of the world, his arts are known and recognized by public and press. This new series of concerts “Cuba: Experience & Extravagance” will undertake his tour around the world with this unique spectacle.

This concert looks like an imaginary ride that begins in Yoruba Africa and Spain, to the infinite time.

The atmosphere and the popular classic musical arrangements, piano concert in the world of jazz, improvisation and Cuban music, show the technique of classical music greats, including electronic music and contemporary sounds in a multi visual show and sound.

In this concert fusing traditional Cuba with the contemporary world and the world withCuba, in complicity with the talent of the artists on stage.

Repercussion in the media and personalities from the world of international culture

“…Lugo was able to show his fine technique playing Liszt, ending in this way the night of excellent music…”, passage of “Luis Lugo and a spectacular night”, La Opinión Newspaper of San Luis, Argentina.

“…the great technique of Mr. Lugo allows him to interpret very difficult pieces in a fabulous way.” Angel Vázquez Millares, Critic, Cuba.

“…Lugo. His brightness and emotionality predict the virtuosity of the unrestrainable romanticism of the XIX Century.” Leo Brouwer, composer and Director of the Phylharmonic of Cuba and Director of the Symphonic of Córdoba, Spain.

“…He has a certain possibility to interpret concerts, due to his relevant technique and his emotive sensibility…” Dr. Robbone, President of the International Piano Contest in Viotty —Italy.

“…With his appealing interpretative quality, he expresses temper together with an understanding of the styles of the pieces he performs” Mtislav Smirnov Vice-rector of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow.