My musical biography

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and grow all over the country,He start at the early 5 years old music for children in his primary school where he educate and give consistency to his voice after 6 years of folk chant and popular songs all over the city and in different venues then he jump on the famous Venezuelan music “System” where he tried cello and opera singing,but seduce for Hard and symphonic rock such as Queen,Emerson like and Palmer, Yes, Asia,Rush and many others he start his own way of manage a beginning of musical formation and the street becomes his second level of experiences and maturity,start to travel all over Sud America and seduce for the richness of the Latin beat he understand the importance of identity so start to study where all come from and finish in Europe digging and sucking more of the old continent musical wisdom,already done with 5 continents in One city,Amsterdam becomes his graduation platform as all around singer and instrumentalist,even when been famous is not a goal,been known is very important after more than 30 years of cooking anything musically talking,so he. together with his most important music partner Fidel Arenas compose songs that today will be lunch as a Melange of colors,sounds and soul expressions,Ladies and Gentleman get introduce in the music experience of a street warrior and smooth singer, this is the Chenther Salas voyage!,enjoy it!