My musical biography

Composer, conductor, clarinetist and teacher, Javier Pérez Garrido has studied with many reknown musicians in Spain and other countries, earning various High Degrees from the Conservatory and the University of Murcia.

Pérez Garrido has taken part in numerous national and international music contests and has been awarded more than 20 prizes, including the Gold and Bronze Medals at the famous Global Music Awards in California. He has also been officially nominated for the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards in Los Angeles and the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, among others.

As a composer, Pérez Garrido has created an extensive and diverse catalogue of a hundred works, some of them published and recorded in Cd´s by Molenaar (The Netherlands), Cimarron Music Press (the United States), Egge Verlag (Germany), Piles and Brotons & Mercadal (Spain) and others. Likewise, music institutions and musicians around the world, such as the International Trumpet Guild or the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra, have commissioned him to write new pieces. His compositions have been premiered and performed in European as well as American and Asian countries, and listened to by outstanding personalities, including the King and Queen of Spain.

As a clarinetist he played as a soloist with the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra in the 2009 and 2001 tours, and as a member of the orchestra in the 2013 tour, which premiered one of his compositions. He has also played with the Spanish Youth National Orchestra (2007 – 2011), the FIOJ International Orchestra (2007) and the Murcia Youth Orchestra, among others. He has performed in many of the most important European concert halls. Furthermore, he has offered frequent recitals as a soloist, among which we can highlight the premiere of 30 compositions by worldwide composers at Fifteen Minutes of Fame, New York.

As a conductor, he has conducted several Spanish orchestras, like the Camerata Orchestra from Murcia, the Alter Musici Orchestra, and the bands Didsbury High School Symphonic Winds from Canada, the Sociedad Unión Musical Santa Cecilia from Caudete, Albacete, the Banda de Música Ciudad de Toledo, the Asociación Músico Cultural Julián Sánchez-Maroto from Manzanares, Ciudad Real, the Sociedad Unión Musical Ribarroja del Turia from Valencia, and the Asociación Musical “El Castillo” from Serón, Almería.

Nowadays, Pérez Garrido continues composing, conducting, playing and teaching master classes in various music schools and conservatories such as the Narval Conservatory and the music school Alter Musici, both of them in Cartagena, Spain.