Mon parcours musical

Constantin Răileanu

Constantin Răileanu was born in Iasi, Romania, in 1977. He started studying

Byzantine music by taking part at Theological Seminary, and continued, in 1997, as a student

of Theological Institute of Bucharest, with a bachelor in The History and Philosophy of

Religion, Phenomenology of Religion specialization, in 2001.

By the autum of the same year, he becomes a student of The National University of

Music from Bucharest, Byzantine Music specialization, so that in 2004, he takes the exam of

Academic Choir Leading. In 2006, he takes his bachelor in Byzantine Music, and in 2007, in

Academic Choir Leading specialization.

Since 2007, he is taking part of the post-graduate program of The National University

of Music in Bucharest, Scientific Phd specialization, where he fathoms his knowledge

regarding musical languages of the oriental area through musical acoustic and diastematic

and in 2014 he became Doctor in Music of the same University

At the same time, in 2004, he started „Anton Pann” vocal-instrumental band of old

music, as well as „Anton Pann” vocal group of Byzantine Music, under the objective of

creating a sound background based on the writings and musical pieces appeared before the

20th century, which represented the object of a profound research.

In 2005, his first CD is released. Kalofonika contains musical pieces of 18-20th

centuries, and is considered to be his pilot-album, as well as a manifest standing for detailed

research of codices placed in the romanian institutions.

In 2006, in colaboration with Roton Record Company, he records two albums,

Zaharicale and Colinde, approaching the same musical period as in his first CD.

The same year stands for his becoming president of Anton Pann Association for

Culture and Tradition, non-governamental organisation whith the precise objective of

promoting the romanian culture.

In 2009, a new album is released, De la lume adunate şi iarăşi la lume date –

umplugged 2007, the live recording of the concert that gave the name of the album.

As a soloist, invited bandmaster, member of vocal groups all around the country,

Elena Teodorini Lyrical Theatre Orchestra in Craiova, UNMB Kontakion Choir, Psalmodia,

Phylarmonica, Phylarmonica’s Choir in Cluj, and along with Anton Pann band, he directed

and partook at over 100 concerts, all around the country and abroad, in Bologna, Reggio

Emilia (Italy), Madrid, Bilbao, Santander, Valencia, Alicante, Albacete, Toledo (Spain),

Luxemburg, Liege (Belgium), Jaroslaw (Polland), Cluj, Iasi, Bucuresti, Constanta, Sibiu,

Craiova, Sighisoara, Cugir, Slobozia (Romania). As leader of Anton Pann band, he partook at

three editions of Medieval Art Festival in Sighisoara, Romania, and organised, as a musical

director, the 2008 edition, which is standing for the edition with the greatest number of

participants (over 650).

In 2010, he takes part at the second edition of The European Cultural Routes

international forum, organised in Delphi (Greece), becoming partner of The Routes ofByzantine & Mediterranean Musical Culture, in collaboration with people representing

Greece, Italy, Turkey and Egipt, and being supported by The Council of Europe.

In the same year, together with Anton Pann band, he represented The Romanian

Radio Broadcasting in the Christmas project of European Union, in a concert that could be

heard in 24 countries.

He is invited in shows taking place at Radio România Muzical, Radio France

Internationale, Radio România Cultural, Radio România Actualităţi, Radio România

Bucureşti, Radio România Regional, Radio România Internaţional, Antena Satelor, la TVR

Cultural, TVRM, TVR 1, Antena 1Este invitat în emisiuni la Radio România Muzical, Radio

France Internationale, Radio România Cultural, Radio România Actualităţi, Radio România

Bucureşti, Radio România Regional, Radio România Internaţional, Antena Satelor, la TVR

Cultural, TVRM, TVR 1, Antena 1.

Together with the Byzantine music band Anton Pann, he recieves the excellence prise

of the „Balcans Music” Choral Festival, in 2005. He also recieves diplomas for the cultural

activity he enterprises in schools throughout the concert type of lessons, and participates as a

special guest of “Tineri lăudaţi pe Domnul” Festival, organised by The Romanian Patriarchy.

In order to bring to life the musical ethos reffered to in the codices and the papers that

made the object of his research, he brought oriental musical instruments from Istanbul, such

as al-oud , baglama, nay, bendir, darbuka. All of these instruments can be heard, since 2008,

in the concerts he takes part at along with his band.

In 2011 he organized, participated, played inside the project When we were

byzantium , in witch there were invited 5 of the most recognized ensembles of old music ,

and he played along with his band in five concerts, the last one with the paticipation of the

famous instrumentalists Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Petros Papageorgiou, Fikret Karakaya, Kyia

Tabassian, Neva Ozgen.

In 2012 organized and participated in the project Tradition and Craftment – Master

Class of Traditional Instruments, in witch were invited as masters Alkis Zopoglou, Kyriakos

Petras, Mehmet Bitmez, Mehmet Fatih Zulfikar, Ahmet Sahin.

In 2015 organized and participated in the first national romanian tour Unicorn with

Anton Pann Ensemble and in witch were invited as masters Vincent Segal, Derya Turkan,

Emmanuel Hovhannisyan.

In present, he is hard working on researching and promoting the fonts of oriental music

found within romanian space, and militates in favor of the foundation of an adequate

framework regarding old music approfoundation.