Paris international piano masterclass

Paris international piano masterclass (master-class)

On July 08, 2017 at 20:8

“Yumeki OHASHI, International concert pianist offers piano Masterclass focusing on stage performance “Mastering performance in concert hall” in Paris in France, the city of art, your dreaming stage and sightseeing Paris”.
Paris international piano masterclass is produced by a concert artist who contribute internationally highly qualified piano learning method in France and it is opened for students of any level, age and nationality.
Each day at least 2 hours concentrated individual lessons and public classes are provided, in the last day student concert will be organized in a concert hall in Paris.
Masterclass participation fee is including accommodation, producing concert. Hotel is standard class without meal service, Restaurant nearby will be introduced.

♦ 2017 summer masterclass schedule

A: 8/07 – 11/07
(12/07 – 17/07 Masterclass “Corsi Bosa Antica” in Italy will be held in conjunction)

  • Enquire us for duplex attendance together with “Corsi Bosa Antica”; CONTACT

B: 23/07 – 29/07
C: 23/08 – 29/08

*Maximum pupils 3 / each session. The moment of filled capacity the reception will be closing.

♦ Accommodation

♦ Participate Category

● Category A: Professionals / student certificated advanced level, student of music academy, graduated music academy, university music section)
● Category B: Amateur pianist / regardless of age, any level of pianist
♦ Venue

Website : Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

Details :