When things seem impossible for me, I remember the difficulty she went through when her and my grandfather decided to migrate from Rwanda in search for a better life. They moved from Kisenyi to Kigali .Kisenyi is at the boarder of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and is approximately 93.63Km from Kigali. On their way from Kigali to Uganda border,they had to pass through what is now reffered to as Akagera National Park.They came across lions,among them a lioness breast feeding a cub.My grandfather filled with with fear ,suggested that they turn back,but grand mother insisted they move forward.if we turn back we shall still meet animals that will attack us,let us have faith and move forward,she said.They moved forward and the lion didnot touch them. They settled in Mbarara next to lake Mburo National Game Park.My grandmother grew crops while my grand father looked after peoples animals.While there they gave birth to my mother and the siblings.Later my mother died of AIDS since grandfather had died and there wasnt any care at home.I heard my mother died of AIDS and i was her own son so i heard to suffer with the world i had to join happyangelsyouthbrassband in Kampala to get some help.