People sacrifice alot for us but we can never completely understand what they exactly went through……….the best we can do is show them our gratitude.For a man like me who has almost tried my best in music to help,it is inspiring that i donot forget the hardships i went through to get where i am today.I celebrate happyangelsyouthbrassband every day that passes by because i know it paid a price i cannot repay.Many people see me on streets playing my trumpet to get some thing.But they dont know that there some people who sacrificed themselves community to get to know me and also enjoy my street music.I thank each and every one who has went ahead and helped me giving me clothes and my friends visting happyangelsyouth project and giving us any kind of support .May God bless you people we really cant pay but only God knows.

Am a young boy aged 15.Am HIV positive.I heard my mother died years back of the AIDs because she was a prostitute.neither do i know my father nor family because all i know i was picked by happyangelsyouth project when i was only 4 years.They cared for me plus many of my friends in all the good and bad situations we went through.Since many of us are HIV positive they bought us medicine and clothings.They trained us brass band music which we learnt and later got ourselves scholarships at some schools. This term we were all chanced away from school because of no funds and support and our project is now in a tough situation because we are very many and we lack support to help us . We take out our cry to the community and who ever who can give a hand to Happyangelsyouthbrassband in terms of instruments medical support and any kind of help.Thank you God bless you and reward you people