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Learning to play the cello

Learning some music instrument has been your dream for years, or maybe you would like to start again and take your playing skills to the next level.

You have been looking for the right teacher for you or just for some available teacher in your area.

By joining the WHOZIC community you will make it very likely that you will meet the teacher who will help you bring the joy of music into your life.

Once you have created your free account and entered your location, you will have acces to the list of teachers nearby. You vill be able to look up their profiles and get in touch with the ones you will select.

Teachers in your area will also be notified of your need and will be able to contact you.

So you want to learn music ? Never mind your level, never mind your age. Go ahead ! Take the plunge !

Follow the guide!

Find your teachers and keep in touch with them.

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