Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde - private cello lessons
I teach in my private studio or in students homes. I have more than ten years of experience teaching students of all levels. I offer lessons on regular cello and also on baroque cello, for students who would have interest in being introduced to ea...
Studio de la Chevrière
Studio d'enregistrement en Corrèze géré par l'association lp36. Propose des résidences dans un magnifique village classé. Orienté musique classique et acoustique. Infos: http://lp36.org/lestudio [email protected] 07 77 22 31 27
Concertino.fr propose à des particuliers ayant un piano chez eux d'accueillir un pianiste professionnel pour un concert de 40 minutes, classique ou jazz.
Spécialiste pianos acoustiques : Accordeur/Réparateur, optimisation, réglages, expertise.
My name is Robert....i'm a former classical guitarist.....now doing photography for classical artists and actors....For musicians I can get great performance photography, editorial work, or professional headshots....I don't have a huge client lis...
Wide variety of Pipe Organ services and Digital / Pipe organ interfacing. Routine Maintenance Electrical & Mechanical Rebuilds Tuning Installation Voicing Moving Tonal Regulation Instrument Design/Building Consultation Authorized Rep....
Private lessons including through the SKYPE
*I give private lessons as in person as through the SKYPE.*
Accordages des pianos droits et à queues. Réglages et réparations toutes marques. Entretien suivi et assistance assurée.
I am myself a painter / sculptor (www.rene-georges.be) and by inspiration I sometimes receive new melodies, short spontaneously. What I do and what I have done so far is that I whistle them directly on my phone to be able to record them, because 1...