Mon parcours musical

praised for her equally fierce and bold dramatic performance style, Sylvia Hinz is one of the leading recorder players worldwide, specialised in contemporary music and improvisation.

1. distant fields by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou for alto recorder and electronics:

2. au coeur du silence by Violeta Dinescu for XelmYa (violin, recorder, cello):

… studied recorder at the University of Arts Berlin with Gerd Luenenbuerger, experimental music with Dieter Schnebel, also chamber music conducting / ensemble leading … plays solo recitals and concerts with ensembles and orchestras, holds special interest in contemporary music and improvisation, also in unusual instrumental combinations and cooperations with other arts (e.g. painting, literature, sculpture), fosters international collaborations with other musicians, composers, artists in general …

for me, the sound of the recorder reflects very much breath, wind, neature, storm, water, ocean, mountains – strong and untamed aspects of ( human ) nature.

so, i always want to display this wonderful aspect, like in my work “windserie”.

my imagination goes alongside with this sound. i have been playing the recorder for quite a while now, and always have been working on creating special and unique sounds besides searching for new ones.

almost all of the pieces i perform are either my own or written for me. the sound is exceptional and, also when created by a composer, still in this before mentioned framework.