My musical biography

Nikola was born in 2006. He is a passionate to become a pianist. Nikola first began playing piano at the age of 9. Since he has been coming from a very small country, where piano players are not so supported, Nikola would like to spread his piano music connections, to show his piano playing skills to the world and, first of all, to learn from other musicians. Nikola is open to all of your ideas, suggestions, critics of course, to your offers for his further piano music career (scholarships,etc). He regularly attends piano international competitions ( so far 1st or 2nd place winner), seminars, music concerts, master classes, etc. Nikola has been attending Music Elementary School. For a year and a half, Nikola has been working continuously with experienced Prof. Nevena Ceklic,M.A., who postgratuated at the Conservatory „Mussorgsky“ in Yekaterinburg (RUSSIA) in the class of prof. Natalia Pankova. Nikola has attended Master Classes of Boris Kraljevic (SINGAPORE), Ljiljana Vukelja (SERBIA), where he had an opportunity to learn and develop his unique performing style.

In his free time, Nikola composes for piano. His favorite pianist is Frederic Chopin. Music is his life! ♫♪