My musical biography

From 3 years on, initiated to classical music by my father, a devout melomane.
Attended my first concert at 5 years of age: a Young people’s Concert directed and commentated by Leonard Bernstein and the new York Philharmonic Orchestra.
Lenny is still one of my references and sources of inspiration today..
Studied violin and music theory for 7 years. Then practised drawing and painting on my own.
I finally entered art school in1973 where sketching musicians quickly became one of my ongoing themes.
Continued studies at the Sorbonne in Paris where I received my Master’s and DEA in Aesthetics.
Title : Beyond the Barrier Between Painting and Music.
Collaboration with major formations at Radio France as well as with smaller, but not less important orchestras and musical groups such as Paul Mefano and 2E2M, specialized in contemporary music, as well as several chamber music groups.
Exhibitions in concert halls and conservatories.
Invited to work in collaboration with numerous music festivals.