What’s WHOZIC all about ?

WHOZIC is a geo-localized social network that caters exclusively for musicians, chiefly classical. It aims at being the one-stop place for classical music practice on the Web.

Whom is WHOZIC.COM for ?

All people with an intersest in classical music : amateur and professional instrumentalists, teachers and pupils, musical ensembles and all sorts of services providers for musicians.


To this day, no website responds fully to the needs of classical musicians. Whereas some disconnected services can be found on the Web, WHOZIC aims at providing an extensive array of complementary services for musicians.

What has WHOZIC to offer ?

This website fulfills several common needs :

  1. Find music partners according to precise musical affinities, or even gather players to create a musical ensemble.
  2. Find teachers or pupils next door to where one lives (distance range can be chosen).
  3. Manage groups : choirs or orchestras, music schools. Facilitate day-to-day management of your community thanks to discussions, event planning and news publishing.
  4. Providers of services for the musicians (violin-makers, piano tuners, sheet-music stores…) will appreciate being able to target their adverts at precisely the right prospects thanks to affinity search and geo-localization.

Some practical use case scenarios

Find teachers/pupils

Geoff is a piano, teacher. He can consult the list of all potential pupils in his area and get directly in touch with them.
Thomas wants to start learning piano. Thanks to Whozic.com, he will be able to select the right teacher at convenient distance from his home.

Find fellow players

Elisabeth is a violinist. Thanks to Whozic.com she is likely to find the pianist with whom she will be able to play the Beethoven violin sonata she adores.

Propose services

Chris is a violin-maker. By creating a page for his service he makes it discoverable through the search feature. Going one step further, Chris publishes an advert that will be displayed to all strings players in his area.

Animate a group

About thirty musicians play in the university orchestra. Brian, the conductor will create a Whosic group to federate all the information regarding rehearsals and concerts.
Rehearsal schedules, event planning, news, discussions, printable scores… All this will spare Brian hours of managerial chores and he will spend more time studying his scores.

Who created WHOZIC ?

Four passionate classical musicians who decided to create what they felt was "the missing website ". IT professionals and web specialists in their day-jobs they’ve been dreaming up this web platform to better serve music.