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Claudio Parodi

Right Error

1 – Right Error part 1 9’37”

2 – Right Error part 2 9’31”

3 – Right Error part 3 10’21”

4 – Right Error part 4 9’51”

5 – Right Error part 5 3’41”

total running time 43’01”

all music by Claudio Parodi (SACEM)

The inspiration for Right Error comes from a story about Late Great Thelonious Monk. After a solo performance, Monk looked very upset. Asked why, his answer was: “I played only WRONG errors!”. This means that right errors are possible…

The right error was made by a Schoeps CMC6 MK4 microphone during a recording session. Listening to the recording, at the very beginning a noise appeared, though no sound was yet played. It was the very first time for me, and it was the very first time for the sound engineer.

The 2”.042 error was stretched to 41’29”, and the waveform was normalized to -0.2 db. Back to Monk, by typing the lyrics of ‘Round Midnight (probably the best known of his all-masterpieces compositions catalogue) in binary language, a second of silence was introduced in the waveform in corrispondence of 0. Grouping sound and silence seconds 3+3+2 and putting the groups at the same start led to a non-linear sequence of sound and silence events. By typing the lyrics of ‘Round Midnight in octal ASCII language, the sound and silence events groups were assigned to one of the eight loudspeakers.

Right Error is composed for an eight loudspeakers sound system. The quadraphonic, stereo and binaural versions are here presented. Tracks were put in order to have a more comfortable listening. Silence is integral part of the composition.

Claudio Parodi, November the 17th, 2012

Composed on October the 15th, 2012.

Recorded by Paolo Valenti at Loud Music, Genova, Italia from October the 22nd to November the 16th, 2012.

Binaural and quadraphonic mastering by Paolo Valenti at Riserva Sonora , July the 11th, 2014.

Right Error part 5 took part to Sguardi Sonori 2014

Right Error part 1 has been broadcasted on Radio Libertaire (89.4FM) and in streaming on the web in the frame of EPSILONIA


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