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You want to start learning to play an instrument ? You want to take your playing skills to the next level ?

Maybe you have been deseperately seeking the RIGHT teacher for you ? Then WHOZIC is for you.

By joining the community you will make it very likely that you are about to find YOUR teacher.


You are looking for musical partners ? You would like to play within an orchestra ? Sing in a choir ?

Just join the WHOZIC network and enjoy the pleasure of music-making with new friends.

WHOZIC will get you in touch with all musical ensembles and players nearby you location.


Your are a music teacher, looking for new pupils in your area ?

WHOZIC is the one-stop solution for you. When you have joined this network you will be able to reach pupils in your area that are looking for you.

Just register and enter your locations (any number of them) and then concentrate on teaching.

Retailers and services

Piano tuners, violin-makers, music-shops owners and all music-related trades, this is for you :

WHOZIC takes your commercial message right to the people who will become your clients.

All it takes is a few clicks and your business information will be stored and presented to the visitors who are your most likely customers.

WHOZIC is all about building and supporting communities of musicians.
As a composer, I cherish the opportunity to expand my community of musical friends.
It’s been a fun adventure to have my music performed by my WHOZIC colleagues.
Whether you’re a beginning student, advanced amateur, or an accomplished professional, I encourage you to join WHOZIC.
WHOZIC expands networks of music makers!

Thomas Bramel - Composer, Washington, DC USA